For fans of: RJD2, DJ Shadow, Moby

My son is really into a handful of artists like RJD2, DJ Shadow, and his latest discovery (and therefore mine) is Quantic.

Quantic’s roots are in jazz, though, and lists them as something called broken beat. I’m afraid I know very little about electronica. But I know Quantic are really good.

See also here, here and here.

4 thoughts on “For fans of: RJD2, DJ Shadow, Moby

  1. My fix for the electronica-related is usually satisfied with a little DJ Spooky. But you’re right, Susan — this is cool stuff indeed.

  2. OK Susan I have listened to two of the songs that you posted by this group and thus far find them to be very creative. I will be looking further into this group and hope that this might be even 1/10 of the find that Elbow was for me. As of now I am trusting your judgment on the subject, so keep me updated on new groups.

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