This is how you tattoo music (Update)

Awhile back, Jen posted asking for advice on how to represent her love for music as a tattoo. She got her music tattoo last week, and asked I that post an update (she doesn’t have time right now).

So here it is:

I think it may be one of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen.

It’s taken from a graphic she found on a poster for a Calexico show. I know she originally thought about only using two of the figures, but I’m glad she went with all three—I especially love the drummer, rocking out there in the back.

5 thoughts on “This is how you tattoo music (Update)

  1. I think going with all three was a good choice, it’s very balanced this way. It definitely has some personality. Are you planning the roses in black and gray too, or color?

  2. Yeah, it is kinda like that Oingo Boingo image, isn’t it? i’m thinking of doing the roses in black and grey, but maybe with just a hint of red.

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