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I am one of those people who tends to develop mini-obsessions. For a few weeks or months, I’ll order the same type of thing in every restaurant I go to; listen to the same song or songs over and over; read the same genre/style of books. Anybody else do that? Maybe not. But whatever — I’m now going to subject you to my list of current obsessions. Feel free to share your own, make fun of mine, etc.

In no particular order — my list:

1. “No Cars Go” by the Arcade Fire (Neon Bible).

2. Fried fish. Especially fish tacos and fish and chips. I know it’s a chain, but one of the things I miss here in Minnesota is Rubio’s. But I have some leads on some places in the Twin Cities that serve fish tacos, but meanwhile, it’s all about the deep fried walleye.

3. 30 Rock. NBC. Yeah, I still love The Office. But there’s something about the way 30 Rock is written, acted and film that totally works for me. The humor combines dry and goofy in a way that is just plain hilarious — and relies more upon the delivery (Alec Baldwin excels here) than other sitcoms, I think.

4. “IOU” by Metric (Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?).

5. Narrative theory and point of view.

6. Tree imagery in literature, including scripture.

7. Best dress shirt for under $25 (sale price counts). So far, I’m digging Stafford Executive (on sale), but Geoffrey Beene has been good to me in the past (find a GB outlet store or buy on super sale at a department store).

8. Cherry-flavored sodas. A bit of raspberry is fine too. Dr. Pepper and Thomas Kemper Black Cherry seem to be the clear winners so far. But there’s a lot out there that I have yet to try.

9. The color periwinkle. More in Web design than anything else — not a color that I would really wear. Maybe in a tie. But it’s a color that looks good on a screen, I think, so I like to find sites that use it.

10. Medieval cookery. Not something that I’m interested in trying, really. But the basic philosophies and technologies of Medieval cookery are fascinating to read about.

11. Related to the cookery thing — I’ve been obsessing lately about all the Beef Wellingtons that get wasted on Hell’s Kitchen (Fox). I’ve never actually eaten Beef Wellington. But I am quite fond of beef, and pastry, and pastries filled with meat. It’s criminal how many Beef Wellingtons have been sacrificed in the name of entertainment.

12. Still on the food kick — the perfect things to mix in to ice cream (speaking of which — this obsession goes back several years, but malt. Malt and dairy mixed in some form or another). For example, peanut butter pretzels = excellent; peanut butter cups = annoying. Marshmallow cream = excellent; marshmallows = annoying. Texture is a big factor, of course. Mouth feel and all that. So is intensity of flavor. I’m beginning to like small crunchy bits in ice cream although I’ve yet to find the perfect manifestation of that.

13. The perfect wallet (yes, I’m so pathetically wannabe hipster that I’m considering a Jimi).

14. Urban fantasy. Neverwhere by Neal Gaiman. China Miéville’s work. I read all that awhile ago, but I’m just now finding myself actually interested in the genre as a genre.

20 thoughts on “Current obsessions

  1. Here are some of mine, in various stages of ebbing and flowing:

    “Time For Heroes” by the Libertines (Up the Bracket)

    Fantasy baseball

    Phaidon Design Classics — a three-volume hardback set profiling 1000 of the greatest design objects in history. It starts with a pair of scissors in the 17th century and goes up through the iPod.

    Soup for lunch

    Allen Edmonds shoes deeply discounted (but new, not used) on ebay

    Watching clips of bands playing early shows on YouTube. There some good stuff from the Replacements in 1981, and this clip of Weezer on Letterman in 1995 makes me wistful. Here’s a young REM doing Radio Free Europe in 1983:

    Brooks Brothers slim-fit non-iron shirts

  2. Greg: Those shirts would probably be perfect for me, but dang they’re spendy*.

    *gratuitous use of Minnesota lingo to show that I’m adapting well to my new place of residence.

  3. William: Discounts. They are buy-two-get-one-free all the time, and if you add in a 15% discount for having a BB card, plus other discounts (like the 25% off semi-annual sale), they’re quite doable. I usually get them for about half-off, all told.

  4. I love lists like these:

    Green Tea Frappuccinos from Starbucks

    Tofu croutons, I have to make them for my salads lately, it’s weird.

    Saving my old wallet from outer darkness. It recently got chewed by a dog and I’m always working out ways to keep it together.

    Internet radio ( Today’s the day of silence and I’m going batty.

    Buffy. I’ve watched the series before of course but I can’t stop watching right now. I get home from work and must. watch. an. episode.

    French fries. I’ve been eating them 2-3 a week for the past 6 weeks, I can’t explain it.

    Raymond Chandler.

    And I’m on a Pixies kick lately. Like you, I listen obsessively.

  5. I’m completely obsessive too.

    1. Iron & Wine’s new album. Not out yet but leaked and it is so good.

    2. Antique, pinhole and toy cameras. Like this and this and this.

    3. eBay. My place for acquiring antique cameras. Curse you, eBay!

    4. – last week it was Bookworm, this week it’s Bejeweled.

  6. French actor, Gaspard Ulliel

    My kids’ Ant Farm–I kid you not, it is so cool!

    Black Raspberry Vanilla Eau de Toilette from Bath and Body Works

    Cat Macros

    The book “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer

  7. I just finished rewatching the first season of 30 Rock yesterday. So awesome. My favorite episode is when Kenneth joins Tracy’s entourage. Hi. lar. ious.

    Wendy, that’s my sister’s favorite B&BW scent. I myself prefer the Amber one.

    Brown fingernail polish. (And my new chunky brown ring.)

    Khaled Hosseini and Barbara Kingsolver.

    Salt and Pepper kettle chips.

    “Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson.

  8. What’s the culture on the Jimi? I find myself in need of a new wallet and those look pretty cool. I do enough stuff already that my wife thinks is immature, so … tell me more, please. =)

    My own little mini-obsession right now are these True Lime packets I got at the grocery store. Adds a lime flavor to any drink.

    I had a Hex obsession until they got rid of the main character. That ended it for me. =P

  9. Hmmmm. Seems we all have these little obsessions.

    I eat one thing at a time on my plate, until it’s gone, then start on the next thing.

    White paint. Loving the white paint these days.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn. Seriously in the grove lately.

    Grapefruit anything. Food, lotion, soap, cleaner, oil, candy, Mentos, whatever. Grapefruit.

    Lemon crunch sorbet. Lemon sorbet with crushed up Lemonheads. Mmmmmmmm.

    Cast iron pans- well seasoned and well loved.

    Dutch babies. I have yet to perfect this Saturday morning darling, but we may all die for my trying.

    Apothecary jars. Old ones.

    Yard sales.

  10. – Amano Chocolate
    – BBQ Hamburgers stuffed with various things (olives, feta, garlic, roasted red peppers)
    – 30 Rock
    – Rubios is great. We need one south of 21st South.

  11. Heather:



    The Jimi is beloved by hipster-43 folders/GTD-graphic design freaks. I can only aspire to such freakdom. Although to be honest, I find that GTD works quite well for me in my new job. And the Jimi is very functional and decent looking for what I need for the price.

  12. Tracy M – I have a great recipe for Dutch Babies. We call them german pancakes. Email me and I can get it for you or post it here. Simple tho.

    Cube of butter in a pan and into the oven at 400 degrees,

    Mix 6 eggs, some milk (don’t recall of the top of my head) a small amount of flower.

    once butter is melted and hot, pour the batter into the butter and back into the oven. The batter will puff out the sides, and should be done in a few minutes.

    Top with powdered sugar, syrup, jam, strawberries, cream, or whatever.

    Another obsession: Spooks/Mi-5 – used to be spooks in uk, mi-5 here. No longer on A&E, but thanks to netflix I can get the episodes except for the last few series.

    Caesar salads.

    Toys my son isn’t quite old enough for (transformers, legos, etc)

  13. My mother makes the best German pancakes. I’m a big fan of the buttery-eggy-sweet type of confections. German pancakes. Crullers. Custards. Cream puff shells.

  14. I’ve been obsessed with cooking shows. Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, The Next Food Network Star.

    Chaim Potok booka.

    Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. No lettuce, add swiss.

    Glenn Beck. The man is on radio and tv for 6 hours a day. And I spend time on his forum. Way too much time.

  15. So You Think You Can Dance

    Tim’s Wasabi flavored Potato Chips

    Harry Potter (books, essays, fanfic, movie spoilage, podcasts, wizard rock – I’m soaking in it)

    Pina Coladas (I just came back from 2 weeks on Maui)


    Television Without Pity



    Beastie Boys (compare/contrast of newer material with the older stuff)

    r.e.m. sidenote – I caught their induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and cried like a baby.
    It made my year that Mike Mills was there.

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