Top 5 Board* Games

1) Monopoly
2) Risk
3) Scrabble
4) Chess
5) Life

Runners up: Checkers, Sorry, Clue

*This indicates that the ‘board’ is integral to the gameplay, unlike Pictionary or Mindtrap.

44 thoughts on “Top 5 Board* Games

  1. I love your ideas, but I have to put
    1. Risk and then
    2. Monopoly
    3. Clue
    4. Scrabble
    5. Life.

    I wish I were good enough at Chess to include it, but it’s too frustrating for me. I’m a big chess loser.

  2. The logic games just kill me. My brain misfires and I can’t think in those kinds of lines…A chess player I am not!

    1. Monopoly
    2. Scrabble
    3. Clue
    4. Candyland
    5. Chutes and Ladders

    What can I say? You write what you know…

  3. I’ve been curious about the game Go or Wei-chi, but it seems the equipment can be pretty expensive and there aren’t really that many people (that I know) who play – though I know it’s possible to find players online.

  4. Totally Catan – try the Cities & Knights add-on pack and you won’t be disappointed! Axis and Allies is fun too. I also liked “Dark Tower” back in the 80s. Life was fun because everybody ended up rich.

  5. Put me down for Axis & Allies too. I love that game.

    My wife found this awesome board game a couple years ago called Oxford Dilemma (you can get it on Amazon). It’s like trivia, spelling, and scrabble all rolled into one. It’s a great choice for those who like trivia games but don’t like the direction Trivial Pursuit has gone the last ten years or so. It’s definitely my favorite board game.

  6. Settlers has to be the worst game ever made. Sorry folks, but your opinion on that one is just plain wrong.

    Cranium is fun but it’s really just a complex Pictionary.

    Yeah, Axis and Allies is a lot of fun too but quite complex. It should be on the runners up list.

  7. would have to agree that the three best board games are axis & allies (especially with the recent update they did), settlers of catan, and trivial pursuit.

  8. The Definitive Supergenius List:

    1. Life
    2. Trivial Pursuit
    3. Risk
    4. Monopoly
    5. Sorry

    runner-up: Trouble, if only for the Pop-O-Matic Bubble (TM).

  9. I think the quality of Trivial Pursuit has gone down in its latest editions and it’s become too focused on pop culture. They saw a way to make a lot of money churning out Star Wars/Sopranos/My Little Pony versions and never looked back.

    Plus, my wife beats me almost every time we play. She once got 5 wedges on a single turn. Not fair.

  10. I meant all the Cranium games. Hoopla’s my fave. There’s no winner, which is a huge plus in our household, where winning and losing is life and death.

  11. I like Scrabble, but prefer to play it without the board.

    I may like the Monopoly card game more than the board game. Haven’t decided yet. It’s much more manageable time-wise.

  12. I don’t think Stratego, which is a great game, has a board.

    I’m with Rusty on Settlers. Oooooh. I just made a settlement! I don’t get it. My family loves it, but I just sit there and ask questions like, “Who has the longest road? Sweet!!”

    I love Trivial Pursuit. My brothers and I pulled out Axis and Allies over Christmas and took two days to play it. It’s much better than Risk.

    I suppose Balderdash doesn’t count since the board isn’t all that important.

  13. I like Settlers, but it’s kind of like Monopoly, unless you really have a group of people who know how to wheel and deal it can be really slow.

    I was wondering if anyone remembers some really cool board games that came out in the mid-to-late 80s, sort of at the height of the D&D craze. One was called SNIT’S REVENGE, which involved little creatures (Snits) crawling inside a bigger animal’s body (one that enjoyed squashing them with its nose) and kicking the crap out of their internal organs.

    Then the same people did another game called THE AWFUL GREEN THINGS FROM OUTERSPACE, which was also bitchin’.

  14. Tim J.: Huh? Stratego certainly has a board — a grid battlefield with lakes and stuff.

    No respect for Chinese checkers?

  15. Yes on Stratego. Nothing is better than wiping out an advancing high-level piece with a well-place bomb.

    In place of checkers, I prefer a great game called Pente. It is sort of a stripped down Go (I think).

    And Parcheesi is superior to Sorry.

    But, yes, Scrabble is the king of all board games.

  16. Sorry Greg. It’s been a long while since I’ve played and for some reason can’t picture the board.

  17. Just for the record, NO ONE has ever beaten me at Pictionary! (I know, not a board game!)

    Susan, we like the Cranuim game, too- Santa brought Cadoo. Winning and loosing are bad in our house, too.

  18. I can’t play Hoopla. All games must have a winner. I don’t care too much if I’m the winner, but there’s gotta be one.

    I don’t like many board games these days. I’ve had some fun with the Farming Game but no other board game has done it for me for quite a while. I might enjoy a game of Risk every once in a while but I haven’t played in ages.

    I much prefer card games like Hearts and Cribbage to board games.

  19. In Hoopla, everyone’s playing together against the clock. So you all win or you all lose.

    But there is no board for it, it’s a card game.

  20. Stratego has a board.

    Does Operation count?

    And yes, you have to play Cattan with people that know what they’re doing.

    And as far as the 1980s D&D genre: that’s why I liked “Dark Tower” so much, although it depended more on the tower than it did the board, but the board was also integral. It’s the only board game I’ve ever played that had a real sense of adventure to it.

    Try Axis & Allies the computer game. I bought an old used copy on ebay (I think it’s out of print now) and not only did it teach me the correct rules, but it was a lot of fun – no set up and no waiting for the other players (the AI’s turn is instant). I know, not a board game, but hey, it’s based off a pretty good board game.

  21. Okay, top 5 in no particular order.

    1. Dungeon (a fantasy board game from the late 80’s)
    2. Mancala (because I love the feel of the smooth shiny stones)
    3. Mousetrap (because I always wanted to build a better one)
    4. Candyland (because I loved candy and this game was as close to it as I got through a lot of my childhood)
    5. Panty Explosion (not really, but when I stumbled across a review of this game on a website I laughed out loud for at least 5 minutes and then 5 more when I discovered it was real)

    The real number 5 would have to be Pachisi (or as it was re-named by the company who published it here in the states – Parcheesi)

  22. jjohnson, I’ll play!

    J Stapley–I didn’t know about the earlier version of Acquire. But I don’t agree that the current one (OOP now, tho, I think) sucks. Granted, I’ve only won a couple of times but I love that game anyway.

    Recently I’m lovin’ Ticket to Ride Europe, Carcasonne (with expansions)(but does it qualify as a board game?–dunno), Blokus, Deflexion, and Empire Builder. Of all time, tho, I’d have to rank:

    1. Risk
    2. Settlers of Catan
    3. Cranium
    4. Battleship
    5. Life

    As an aside–we partnered up last summer with some friends to fulfil a longtime ambition of my husband’s (and his college pals’), which is to own a game store. Eat your heart out!

  23. 1. Scrabble
    2. Careers
    3. Carcasonne (far surpasses Catan in my opinion)
    4. Trivial Pursuit
    5. Sequence

  24. Gabby,

    I gave Carcassonne a try, but just can’t make it make sense. Can you explain to me the dynamic of counting up points based on all the land enclosed in one’s properties? That really seems to mess up the game, I thought.

    And by the way, I sincerely worry about those who have actually played Settlers of Catan and yet believe that Life and Sorry are more fun. The mind boggles.

  25. Ryan – I guess I’m not understanding your question. You count land enclosed by cities and rivers. So if your guy is on land, you count all the other land touching that until you come to a barrier (ie, river, road, city). Wow. That probably didn’t clear it up at all!

  26. Ryan,
    I think it’s because my brain melted after I played Settlers and playing Sorry and Life is all I can do to keep myself from swollowing dice and papercutting my wrists with face cards.

  27. 1. Chess
    2. Scrabble
    3. Settlers of Catan
    4. Trivial Pursuit
    5. Ticket to Ride (got it for Christmas!)

    Monopoly and Risk also have their charms. For me and mine however, they are not always conducive to wedded bliss. Taking either my armies or my benjamins somehow feels personal.

  28. 1. Risk (but I’ve been told that Axis and Allies is similar but better)
    2. Beyond Balderdash
    3. Trivial Pursuit (the real one, not the new, stupid ones)
    4. Battleship (if it qualifies)
    5. Monopoly

    Honorable Mentions:
    Chess, Checkers (both Chinese and regular), Payday

  29. 1) Risk
    2) Monopoly
    3) Life (The Game of Life)
    4) Clue (Cluedo)
    5) Hungry Hippos

    I actually believe hungry Hippos is so unique that depending on my mood could occupy and of these slots.

  30. One of my recent favorites is Small World, but I seem to be the only one in the group that I play games with.

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