Comedy Central is My Primary TV News Source

I watch two news shows on TV: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. And I’m not ashamed of that fact. The rest of my news comes to me via the internet. I don’t (or at least shouldn’t) have to explain why that is, especially to a bunch of people who are at their computers all day. But for general, generic news usually has what I need. If I want to know more about a particular topic/story I’ll check the blogs whose genre relates to that specific story.

But what I’m wondering is if the big three networks are gaining any new viewers to their nightly news. Are any young people actually getting their news from TV? Does Katie Couric really mean anything for journalism? I mean, does anyone really sit down in front of the tube at 8PM (or whatever time it comes on) and say, “Wow, it looks like they caught that Ramsey girl’s murderer.”

The other question I have is does anyone actually consider Fox News as serious source of objective news? I know this question is coming from someone that admits getting his news from Comedy Central, but still…

13 thoughts on “Comedy Central is My Primary TV News Source

  1. I think Fox News’ news reporting is actually not all that bad. Of course, it’s surrounded by a lot of editorializing and opinionating. Kind of like CNN. It’s the way the cable guys package the news these days.

  2. As a journalist, I am hoping NO ONE takes Fox news seriously. But, unfortunately, I think they really do exist. And that just makes me sad.

    (and, yes. I do watch the evening news but certainly won’t be watching Katie….)

  3. Eric, are you linking to that post because of the similarity in sarcasm or because of the (seemingly) similar political persuasion? I think my overall point is more that I *don’t* get my news from the TV anymore, that it’s all online. For me TV has shifted to be primarily for entertainment…rarely to gain insight on a news story.

  4. The funny thing, is that I’ve seen the Broadcast Network news, primarily NBC and Brian Williams, actually use info learned from the Daily Show. This has happened numerous times, but to their credit, they always give Jon Stewart his props.

    The network guys seem to like Stewart (not sure about Colbert), which is interesting considering the fact that he doesn’t make fun of politics nearly as much as he makes fun of the mainstream media.

    The news portion of Fox News isn’t too bad, it’s the commentary shows (O’Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, etc.) that get a little ridiculous.

  5. All you need to know about whether any young viewers are watching the evening news is evident from the advertising. It’s almost exclusively for various lifestyle drugs: help with insomnia, indigestion, ED, incontinence, etc. Occasionally, you’ll see something about retirement planning, but most of the viewers have already retired.

    Of course, this has been the trend for many years. Most young people are not at home at that time of day anyway.

  6. Actually Fox has a pretty good Sunday talk show with Britt Hume, which I never see anymore because we don’t have cable. Honestly my favorite news and talk shows are on PBS. Half of the reason for that is that I can’t stand ads. The other half is that if I must watch ads, I’d rather not have the ads assume that I’m 68 years old and very interested in various prescription medications.

  7. Fox News exists for the same reason as the rest of the cable news networks: to sell advertising time. Their decisions are made with that end in mind.

    For the most part they all get their facts from the same sources, and there’s no reason to trust one more than the other when it comes to the basic facts that they report. Fox is as trustworthy as the rest of them in that regard. They all are careful to get facts straight because they know they’ll be pounced on if they don’t.

    Where the networks differ is in the analysis, editorializing, packaging, focus, etc. I hate all of them on this front. They are all just incredibly sensational and shallow. Sure, there are a lot of bad arguments being made on Fox (see Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and most of their guests, both conservative and liberal), but Fox doesn’t have a monopoly on dumb.

    The fixation on the sensational and on murdered or missing pretty white girls is what drives me most crazy about all of these peddlers of advertising. I don’t give a damn about the Natalie Holloway or Jon-Benet Ramsey cases. Not one single damn.

  8. Daily Show is loony-left adolescent fantasy-world authority-slagging, all without the remotest idea that they would be the first against the wall if the theist-fascist revolution came. Fox News is the only one (and I have five TV sets, so I can simul-view five platforms and monitor FNC, CNN, Sky, BBC-World and EuroNews) that (despite the horrific counter-productive, however-well-meaning Hannity) gives the right, Right side. The others are default loony-left, giving a tiny shred of sane right as a token balancer each story.

  9. Daily Show is loony-left adolescent fantasy-world authority-slagging . . .

    But it is funny. That’s all I ask of it.

  10. Cy,

    I’m sure they’re aware of what will happen to them if the revolution comes. In fact, they’ve probably got a wall all picked out. I’m guessing that the staff of Fox will fire the first shots…

  11. It is upsetting to me that people can completely disagree with Fox news, but at the same time embrace CNN…in reality CNN is just as one-sided

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