Harold Pinter: Really?

I freely admit that I have never read or seen any of Harold Pinter’s works. But still. Are the members of the Swedish Academy really sure that they picked him for this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature? Didn’t they really mean, I don’t know, say, Phillip Roth or Orhan Pamuk?

Anybody willing to make a case for Pinter? Cause I’m not seeing it.

10 thoughts on “Harold Pinter: Really?

  1. Harold Pinter is one of the world’s great playwrights. The Servant, The Caretaker, The Homecoming, No Man’s Land, Betrayal (which I saw in its original Broadway production), plus many wonderful and unusual screenplays. He certainly deserves the Nobel over Philip Roth.

  2. D.

    I was hoping you would post. I defer to your judgement of Pinter. However, I have spoken to one playwright who isn’t pleased. The idea is that all his stuff is too fusty and manneristic and relationship-oriented. I don’t know — sort of sounds like my kind of thing. However, I’m going to be scandalous and suggest that playwrights and screenplayists should take a back seat to novelists when it comes to a world-wide prize for literature. That said, I would have had no problem if Roth had received it last year (instead of Jelenik) and the award went to Pinter this year.

    And: what do you have against Roth?

  3. Oh, I have nothing against Roth, except that his novels seem to be all about him masturbating.


    I disagree that novelists are somehow more profound than playwrights or poets. Shakespeare, Milton, Ibsen, Shaw, Miller, Williams, etc., did not write novels.

    My biggest complaint about Pinter is, his best works were written 40 YEARS AGO. What’s he given us lately, eh?

  4. RE: Roth — I hear you there.

    RE: Novels — what can I say? I’m stuck in the 18th century.

  5. Har har hardy har har, Susan M. Very funny. You’re just hilarious. I know where you work. You know, I have feelings too. Watch your back, lady. I’m not crazy. YOU’RE CRAZY!

  6. Roth is way overdue. Pinter was given the award this time for his loud, anti-American opinions. If this keeps up, this award will become more irrelevant than it already has been rendered in the past few years.

  7. I forgot to mention one good thing about Pinter. He inspired the “Seinfeld” episode “The Betrayal” when the gang made a disastrous trip to India, and the story was told backwards in time, like Pinter’s screenplay for the movie “Betrayal.” There’s even a character named Pinter.

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